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Chief CFI
Spring cleaning
by Chief CFI - Wednesday, 16 April 2014, 07:54 PM

We just completed Spring cleaning. The databases of questions have been updated.

There are no major changes. Most changes relate to new question formulation or more questions on an already addressed subject.

Chief CFI
Happy Thanksgiving
by Chief CFI - Friday, 23 November 2012, 01:55 AM

The database of questions has been updated!

There are no dramatically different questions and answers however some questions are formulated in a slightly new manner.

Chief CFI
Happy New Year
by Chief CFI - Saturday, 31 December 2011, 12:18 AM

May 2012 be filled with new or additional pilot ratings for each one of you. Cherish each one of your flights as gifts of knowledge and pure joy.

Tailwinds and blue skies throughout 2012.


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  • I was tuned to Indy Center yesterday and heard this exchange with a plane on flight following. ... Indy Center: "Cessna 12345, contact Indy Center on 124.62." ... Cessna 12345: "Can I have something that doesn't end in a '2' or a '7'?" ... Indy Center: "What was that request?" ... Cessna 12345: "Can I have a frequency doesn't end in a '2' or a '7'? My radio can only tune to frequencies that end in a '5' or a '0.'" ... [After a pause.] ... Indy Center: "Cessna 12345, we've got nothing for you. Radar Services terminated. Squawk VFR. Frequency change approved." ... Remember: You have to "pull" out the small knob on some older radios to tune in ".25" or ".75." -- Evan Jones
  • The president of the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association says the escalating pilot shortage could soon be hitting mainstream America where it hurts most. "Millions of Americans are not going to get their online purchases delivered to their front door if the situation does not improve," RACCA President Stan Bernstein told Global Trader magazine.
  • As he promised in February, Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster appears intent on trying again to convince his fellow lawmakers to privatize air traffic control in the U.S.

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